Included with every PoolSkim is a fitting that connects to a 1&1/2 inch threaded outflow return jet -- the industry standard size for the majority of pools. However, for those pools that have either a 1 inch or 1&1/4 inch threaded inlet return, fitting adaptors are available.

The four pictures depict female and male threaded adaptors for fitting 1 and 1&1/4 inch returns. These parts can be inexpensively purchased at Home Depot -- two HD part numbers are listed under each picture. The top two parts in each picture join together, as shown in the bottom image.

 1" female threaded return                      1" male threaded return
  HD part # 012871559228                        HD part # 012871559228
  HD part # 012871625671                        HD part # 039923131782


1&1/4" female threaded return                1&1/4" male threaded return
HD part # 012871558665                        HD part # 012871559228
    HD part # 012871627477                        HD part # 012871563843

The bottom picture shows pipe joint compound, which is needed only for the above 1" and 1&1/4" return fittings, and PVC pipe cement. Both are available from Home Depot. 


These available fitting options will enable pool owners who do not have the industry standard 1&1/2 inch threaded outflow return jet to enjoy the PoolSkim benefits  -- a hassle-free sparkling pool and more leisure time!

In rare instances where a extended length of PVC pipe is needed (longer than the PVC pipe included with the PoolSkim), go to special fittings for more information.

Important! If your inlet return is a 1 or 1&1/2 inch straight pipe (unthreaded, then you will need an adapter that will connect to the PoolSkim. One type of fitting that works well with the PoolSkim is made by Polaris
and can be found at Pool Center.

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